DASMetrics and Dust Monitoring


DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL’S revolutionary haul road condition monitoring and reporting software

As many mines have experienced first hand, a poorly designed haul road will ultimately lead to premature failure, resulting in exorbitant maintenance and operational costs.

Furthermore, when building or repairing roads, the impact of short-term decisions upon the long-term operating costs are often rarely captured or understood.

To help mine operators maximize the long term value of haul roads, DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL have developed a revolutionary haul road condition monitoring and reporting software system called DASMetrics.


How does DASMetrics work?

DASMetrics actively allows mines to achieve long-term haul road optimization as well as reduce the costs of haul road ownership.

The software has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading experts who specialize in enhancing mine productivity. It incorporates a scientific auditing process designed to ensure the continuous improvement of haul road quality as well as reduce the total cost of road ownership.

Using state of the art technology, the system remotely monitors, captures and reports on defects found on haul roads. Customized for each mine site, it utilizes smart camera technology fitted to light vehicles or mobile equipment to automatically scan and capture road defects. A real time web based dashboard then allows users access to haul road conditions and reporting data at the push of a button.

The report shows a clear picture of the state of every haul road throughout a mine site. Management can then use the system to assign repair tasks to workers.

The real power of DASMetrics is derived from the algorithms built into the system that quantify the true value of the haul road conditions observed. By reporting upon the real impact that haul roads in poor condition have upon the likes of fuel, tyres and productivity, it means that mines are able to make more informed decisions about how best to enhance their operation.

Key features delivered by DASMetrics

  • A method for auditing and surveying road defects quantitatively as a roughness defect score to be translated into effective rolling resistance
  • The ability to identify localized road defects together with the ability to classify defects in terms of type, size and extent (different defect types have different cost impacts on road use)
  • The ability to assess the impact and productivity and operational cost when the defects are combined (the combination of types and sizes of defects determines the maintenance strategy)
  • Automatic and/or user friendly maintenance workflow management systems and processes
  • Quantitative information such as productivity and operational costs and safety and environmental issues to enable appropriate management decisions

Key benefits of using DASMetrics:

DASMetrics allows mine operators to make incremental and continuous improvements in road quality, leading to: 

  • Faster cycle times
  • Improved vehicle components & tyre life
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Improved productivity
  • Safer operations¬†
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced fuel consumption¬†
  • Emissions reductions