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We work closely with our clients to control dust emissions, create safer working environments that are friendlier on the environment and reduce operating costs.

Dust Control Specialists
We offer dust control solutions from pit to port across the mining and mineral processing value chain, quarry operations, oil and gas, construction projects and civil infrastructure networks.

Safer Working Environments
Our solutions are proven to reduce dust considerably (by >90% in many applications) helping client’s reduce their overall dust emissions and occupational exposure limits for a healthier workforce and workplace.

Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

What’s more our solutions are proven to significantly reduce: precious use of water in the control of dust emissions, fuel consumption and tyre wear (through better quality road surfaces). Our products are often used in the rehabilitation and revegetation of mined areas, they are environmentally friendly, and our QA processes are designed to protect our surroundings.

Serviced-Based Support & Technical Innovations
We deliver a suite of application services to support our solutions and ensure client’s benefit from safety improvements and unlock reduced operational costs. Leaving our clients breathing easy and focused on their core business.  We adopt leading edge technologies across our production and service deliveries to ensure the client experience is as efficient as possible.

Lower Operational Costs
In the process of controlling dust we are focused on reducing our clients’ ongoing cost to operate or delivery costs in a capital works project. Whether its through a reduction in capital equipment requirements, road material costs, reductions in plant maintenance and housekeeping or savings from using less water we believe demonstrating these reductions is the key to sustainable solutions.

India’s dust control, road management and erosion control specialists

Welcome to DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL, one of the world’s most successful suppliers of dust control solutions and dust suppression products.

We also are industry leaders in the fields of road management for heavy haul roads and erosion control solutions.

Our extensive range of proven products and services is designed to make workplaces safer and healthier for workers, more productive and efficient for our clients, more cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable.

Operating globally for over four decades, we are currently based at more than 70 sites across five continents – Australia, Africa, North America, South America and Asia – offering our incomparable services to a wide range of industries, from mining and gas to ports and rail.

DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL are global leaders in total dust control management

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